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Skills for Critical Readiness in the Outdoors and Life-sustaining Lessons

Registered Recreational Guides, Certified Wilderness and Medical Instructors
that offer Private and Public Classes

We specialize in the skills for critical readiness in the outdoors and life-sustaining lessons. No matter what type of outdoor recreational activities you may partake in, we all have the same basic survival needs which are our biological requirements to maintain life…Air, Thermoregulation, Water and Caloric needs. These are the critical skills that we focus on while in a wilderness or remote environment with minimal gear. We have partnered with some of the most reputable outdoor businesses in New England that offer Survival, Bushcraft, Outdoor Guide, Wilderness and Tactical Medicine Courses. In addition, we offer custom hiking and canoeing guided services.


Our wilderness medicine classes are SOLO certified. SOLO is the oldest, most innovative, and one of the most respected wilderness medical schools in the United States. Learn how to manage an emergency in the backcountry from a SOLO certified instructor. These classes are designed to meet the needs of hikers, skiers, hunters, fisherman, trip leaders, camp staff, and other outdoor enthusiasts who recreate in remote locations. You will learn the skills to treat people who become ill or injured far from definitive medical care. Lectures and demonstrations are combined with realistic scenarios where mock patients will challenge you to integrate your learning. At the end of these classes, you’ll have the knowledge, skills, and ability to make sound decisions in emergency situations and also receive a SOLO certification.


The main training area is located in Campton, New Hampshire on 40 acres of land owned by Adam Lougee of First Magnitude Wilderness Programs in the beautiful foothills of the White Mountains. If you can’t make it to one of our courses, we have the ability to take the course to your location. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels. So, if you are new to outdoor activities or an experienced outdoor enthusiast, then The SCROLL has something to offer you. All of our classes will be conducted in a controlled field setting with certified instructors to ensure student safety and to provide the best opportunity for learning. This is the place and time to make mistakes and learn. You will leave with the confidence and skills necessary to meet your basic survival needs when it really counts.

What is a wilderness or remote environment?

It can be defined as any time you are more than an hour from definitive medical care. It typically takes an hour of rescue time for every mile from a drivable road. So, you can see that one doesn’t need to be very far from an urban environment to be in a remote or wilderness setting. If you become lost or injured, do you have the skills and knowledge to make it out or stay for an extended amount of time? After our training, you will possess the critical readiness to safely enjoy the outdoors and have the hands-on training to implement life-sustaining lessons.

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Podcast with Christopher Russell, owner of The School Of The Forest

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"If you are looking for quality training from someone with years of real world application of survival and field medicine craft, Rick Swain is your guy. He has practiced in the most of austere and hazardous environments in the world."
- FB Post
"All of my hiking, solo camping, Winter Campers and any outdoor enthusiasts head over to check this out! Ranger Buddy Rick Swain <2> has made a dream come true for himself. I can assure you it's more than just Band Aids, Neosporin and some medical tape! Congrats, Bud! 🇺🇸"
- FB Post
"The Scroll ~ "Certified Wilderness and Medical Instructors that offer Private and Public Classes in the Northeast"!!! So excited for Rick Swain and the opening of his new Wilderness and Outdoor Survival School! I learn something new everytime I am out in the back country with him!" - FB Post
"My son and I had a great day of training with The Scroll today! The course was "Introduction to Bushcraft and Outdoor Survival." We learned about the essentials for surviving in the woods. We were taught plant and tree identification. Foraged for medicinal plants for our tea. Purified water from a local stream. Started fires with ferro rods and birch bark. Practiced knot tying, created wooden stakes, and prepared a survival shelter. It was an amazing bonding experience with my son, and we are looking forward to taking the "Emergency Remain Overnight" course next year!!" -FB Post

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